Nine December

from by Queued Up



When Johnny broke the news so cold, y'know we took it silently. He had delivered the verdict and there would be no final plea. He shut the payphone door like he had solved a mystery. "No second chance," he said.

While our path was not the straightest line — reelin', wheelin', dealin', stealin' hours and doin' time — those Roseway girls, we left 'em wanting more. And that is fine.

Showed us all who you are, how you were when you sold us all out. You took your time, without a doubt. Woke up that morning, the note on the door: it was all goin' down, on the date of Nine December.

We spent the long nights plotting their defeat. Shakin' hands, makin' plans on the corner up the street. Young, cool and callow, but now I know the score — and that is fine.

Oh, I've taken this about as well as I could be expected to! Last night I walked for miles, y'know I had to think it through. Tell me, oh now what more can I lose now that I've lost my faith in you? These tears I'll never show.

Checkin' my watch, the 'leventh hour's arrived. (20 minutes, 20 minutes...) Six men in headlamp light are hurdling the fence. (Any minute, any minute...) Gonna tell it to ya: Monday night is fine for war in the streets — yeah, it's okay for anything. (Better bring it, better bring it...)

Showed us all who you are, how you were when you sold us all out. You took your time, without a doubt. Words across the sky insult like a brick comin' down; the opposition's all around. Gimme gimme gimme Nine December.


from S​/​T EP, released October 23, 2012
"Nine December" (Summers/Gill/Hinton/Saturn/Block)
Arranged by Queued Up
Recorded at Recursive Delete Audio-Visual, Portland, Oregon, between 2011-2012
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jack Saturn
Mastered by Jeff Stuart Saltzman

Todd Summers - guitar left, vocals
Brendan Gill - bass guitar, lead vocals
Brett Hinton - drums, vocals, percussion
Jack Saturn - guitar right, vocals, field recordings

Additional field recordings by Roger Bansemer, Jesse Engreitz, Raj Shall and Steve Patchen. Clocks provided by Amy Parks, Shannon Shea and Kell Dockham.




Queued Up Portland, Oregon

Queued Up is a 4-piece from Portland, Oregon, playing an aggressive brand of power pop inspired equally by the dual-guitar interplay of Thin Lizzy, the pop craftsmanship of Squeeze, and the caffeinated energy of The Hives. Their visual flair and frenetic showmanship make the group stand out from their underachieving contemporaries — not to mention the hooks! ... more

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