S​/​T EP

by Queued Up

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released October 23, 2012

Recorded at Recursive Delete Audio-Visual, Portland, Oregon, between 2011-2012
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jack Saturn
Mastered by Jeff Stuart Saltzman

Todd Summers - guitar left, vocals
Brendan Gill - bass guitar, lead vocals
Brett Hinton - drums, vocals
Jack Saturn - guitar right, vocals

Special thanks to Damion Jurrens, Eric Block, Morgan Grace and Justin Phelps.

Photo by Dana J. Turner.

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Queued Up Portland, Oregon

Queued Up is a 4-piece from Portland, Oregon, playing an aggressive brand of power pop inspired equally by the dual-guitar interplay of Thin Lizzy, the pop craftsmanship of Squeeze, and the caffeinated energy of The Hives. Their visual flair and frenetic showmanship make the group stand out from their underachieving contemporaries — not to mention the hooks! ... more

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Track Name: Wringin' Wet
The rain on Russell, it was hittin' hard, oh so I cut on through the then-abandoned auto yard. My compass cold, it gives me no destination. Burberry jacket, wringin' wet; in the pocket is a blank cassette for some melodies I haven't met, but I hope will come a-callin'.

Woke up at noon, another grey haze. Willamette pinin' for the dog days, February's old familiar song. Hungry ballpoint, dead, with nothin' else to write down. 'Fore I knew it I was packed up and even walkin' downtown. The city sidewalk sighs and I start to remember...

But still I can't see past these clouds in the sky, can't see past these clouds that fog up my eyes. These past few weeks, oh y'know it won't stop rainin'. Though I know I sat there too long, staring out the parlour window at the rain-soaked lawn just wonderin' what's goin' on, it got me so down.

Caught in cushioning foam, my mind's a whispering dome where all my thoughts a-roam. And though I heard what Jeremy said, it didn't give me no good reason to get outta bed. Nowhere to go and nothin' to do, no rhythm, no melody. Yeah, I would put on my shoes but I'd just lay around. I'd dial into the radio and tune into the college sound, but none'a them songs could keep me from feeling so down, so down.

A wayward turn down a silent Center Court Street, past where all the red & blue & yellow trains meet. The esplanade is empty down below. The lonely Steel Bridge span; memories in the blur of a wet sedan. Oh, this cadence is all I know.

Followed a western wind down an Ankeny alleyway. A quarter jukebox lured me from the looming grey, a moment's respite from the torrent outside the door. Down, down it poured.
Track Name: Nine December
When Johnny broke the news so cold, y'know we took it silently. He had delivered the verdict and there would be no final plea. He shut the payphone door like he had solved a mystery. "No second chance," he said.

While our path was not the straightest line — reelin', wheelin', dealin', stealin' hours and doin' time — those Roseway girls, we left 'em wanting more. And that is fine.

Showed us all who you are, how you were when you sold us all out. You took your time, without a doubt. Woke up that morning, the note on the door: it was all goin' down, on the date of Nine December.

We spent the long nights plotting their defeat. Shakin' hands, makin' plans on the corner up the street. Young, cool and callow, but now I know the score — and that is fine.

Oh, I've taken this about as well as I could be expected to! Last night I walked for miles, y'know I had to think it through. Tell me, oh now what more can I lose now that I've lost my faith in you? These tears I'll never show.

Checkin' my watch, the 'leventh hour's arrived. (20 minutes, 20 minutes...) Six men in headlamp light are hurdling the fence. (Any minute, any minute...) Gonna tell it to ya: Monday night is fine for war in the streets — yeah, it's okay for anything. (Better bring it, better bring it...)

Showed us all who you are, how you were when you sold us all out. You took your time, without a doubt. Words across the sky insult like a brick comin' down; the opposition's all around. Gimme gimme gimme Nine December.
Track Name: Coat Check
I noticed her when she was handing me my change; nine dollars, all in ones, I tucked away. As Scott the DJ cued Lee Dorsey, the girl I greeted at the door, she nicked me with a kind rejoinder.

The place was hoppin'. Everybody was steppin' off the street. At 2 AM she'd wrap up and resign. There'd be girls with strident style and Pony-stepping boys in argyle, but this brunette, she had no rival.

That summer night I noticed Colleen. (How would you let her know?) She didn't know me at all. She was from Sellwood, yeah, there's no denying. (How would you let her know?)

The night went by and I was dancing all alone, a dozen mental pictures in my mind. I'd step away to stalk the foyer — the coatcheck girl was a destroyer. Ticket in my hand, bop bop bah.

That summer night I noticed Colleen. (How would you let her know?) She didn't know me at all. That summer night I know she dimmed the bright tableau, blue eyes in lambent glow.